Airline Consulting

Galaxy Innovative Solutions, Inc., the parent company of Contract Pilot Services, has forty-two years of aviation experience in both military and civilian operational flight operations including administrative functions.

Our core team of experts has extensive background and expertise in all phases of airline operations including Flight Operations Administration, Pilot and Flight Attendant Ground School, Simulator and In-flight Training, and adherence to flight standards through safety checks and evaluations.


Additionally, we evaluate Fuel Conservation, Crew member Records Keeping, Aircraft Maintenance, Scheduling, Manuals Control and Compliance, FAA regulatory compliance, Cargo and Passenger Handling, HazMat Procedures, Security, Military Interface and Civil Reserve Air Fleet Procedures.


With special emphasis on identifying deficiencies, we evaluate and formulate recommendations for implementation to improve the successful completion rates of aircrew initial, transition, and recurrent aircrew training.   Our recommendations are designed to meet your company’s objectives by developing improvements that can dramatically affect your airline’s profitability.

We specialize in helping even the best run and profitable airlines find new ways to reduce costs and become more efficient thereby improving the bottom line goal of bringing increased value to its shareholders.

Our goal is to increase your shareholder equity – that is our bottom line.

For more information and to schedule a consultation, call our staff : 916-741-0911